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    Kazekage's Office


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    Kazekage's Office

    Post  Osore on Sat Oct 24, 2009 6:29 pm

    Ever Heard of a Boy that killed without any Contemplation of another's Life? Then guess what? You are about to meet him, and make his acquaintance through his life.

    Do not worry of course, time can always change everyone, no matter how Horrific they are.

    P.S : Please do not make him angry, we have cleaned alot as it is.
    Yuta Hyabusa

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    Kazekage's Office

    Post  Yuta Hyabusa on Sat Oct 24, 2009 10:47 pm

    *Smiles sweetly, admiring the rather depressing painting on the wall. I wonder, is this really the one who ripped of Deidara-kun's arm? I'm surprised I could get in this far without being caught, even in the Kazekage's office. I know I've been in here before I left Sungakure with Sasori, but that was when the Kazekage was out for the chuunin exams. Still, Leader-sama didn't send me here, I did. I want to know why Sensei Honidoshi isn't in the Sand anymore, I heard he left. I'm acting as a representative from a magazine, wanting the Kazekages advice on a new line of clothing. Ugh. Stupid, f***ing retarded excuse, but it works.
    As I criticize how horrible that excuse is, I silently curse at Hidan for my colourful language. Then the Kazekage, Gaara, walks in. He's cute, but rather depressing. I think again, is this really who ripped off Deidara-kun's arm? I smile kindly at him, masking my interest upon how he's still alive after I even saw him get Shikaku extracted from him. We soon get into discussion.*

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