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    Post  Osore on Sat Oct 24, 2009 6:22 pm

    Altough not as Appealing to your taste, this Market hold's many Item's and nether the less. Utilities that shall aid you through out the Journey ahead of you... of course if you wish to simply buy for the sake of it go ahead? Feel like Begging for a coin?

    Do not worry these Friendly Villager's might spare a coin or another....but be warned. If a sand storm is about to come....do not wait for them to save you. For they would care less.
    Yuta Hyabusa
    Yuta Hyabusa

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    Post  Yuta Hyabusa on Sat Oct 24, 2009 11:08 pm

    *Yawns, looking at an art stand patting my coin pouch. I smirk, hoping Kakuzu won't miss the missing 150$ from his stash of money. If he does, well then I'll have to keep my guard up when I come back to the Base. I see clay, wondering if Deidara will forgive me for nearly cutting off his pony tail if I buy him some more explosive clay. Then I shrug. F*** him.
    Fidgeting with my Jashin pendant hanging from my neck, I hand 5$ to the shop keeper as I buy a new notebook. I've been writing a lot lately, and Tobi almost destroyed my last notebook when I left it on the coffee table earlier today. Only one page was left to spare, hooray for me.
    A sign catches my eye, I turn to see a book stand. I'm out of books, I go through books much too fast. 500 pages a day normally, but if I'm just reading a little bit 200 pages a day. I pick up a book at random, looking at it's title. "Makeout Paradise."*
    "Ew," I say as I twitch.
    A masked white haired man says beside me, looking at a different copy. "You don't like this series?"
    "Never heard of it, and I don't like the sounds of it. Romance I'm guessing?"
    "You could say that." He replies.
    I shrug, turning a page. Actually, it's quite good. I buy it, handing the shopkeeper 16$. My goal is to spend as much of Kakuzu's money as possible, I want to piss him off for a strange reason. Probably because I piss him off the least, and his partner Hidan the most.
    "You from around here?" He says as he puts down the book, his mask covering his eye. I look at him, thinking that he's attractive.
    "Not really, came here for the sales. You?"
    (and then I got bored of typing, so I'm gonna go rp with Crystal .D edit this later!!)

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    Post  Crystal on Sun Oct 25, 2009 12:14 pm

    *walks around the market looking for supplies for dinner this evening*... *sighs* >.< where is everyone when you need them meh oh well i am only here until i find supplies anyway *purchases vegetables and noodles handing the shopkeeper the $25*.. there that should tide off on the veggies... hmm now... >.> for... *walks off towards the forest to a cabin in the living forest of the elves*... i think i may need to join a village soon but... no reason to that yet... >.> if i see hidan i am gonna turn him into ash because i can though *walks away laughing lightly to self*..

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    Town Market Empty Re: Town Market

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