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    How to Prepare to Place your Starter.


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    How to Prepare to Place your Starter. Empty How to Prepare to Place your Starter.

    Post  Osore on Sat Oct 24, 2009 7:14 am


    A small amount of Information. Some people get confused for the fact of how to role play upon a Forum. Thus I hope this Information, will allow you to Surf unto the Forum easier.

    Starters: For simplicity, all you have to do is simply go Unto the Forums Section. You will be able to witness that there is Several Villages, or hideouts. What the Sort's there might be. You click upon one of them, and you shall witness the New Topic option, by pressing on it You will start a new Story.

    On Going Stories: When a Story is started. The topic will stay in the Village, if you wish to continue that Story then click upon the Thread and you will see the option Post Reply, press it so you can join with the Other Individual and Role play together.

    Private Role play or Fighting:

    If you wish to have a private RPF or a casual one, let an Administrator or Moderator so they can Drop a message that only the Certain Individuals are allowed to post unto that Story.

    If you wish any help for any other Situation's do not hesitate to ask.

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