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    Please Follow These Empty Please Follow These

    Post  Osore on Sat Oct 24, 2009 5:31 am

    As you may have come across many other Forums of such. You will witness that there are few rules placed down. And this shall be no exception. Of course, these rules are for the Greater good of our Members. And nether the less. Please do follow these rules, or you shall have grave consequences.

    1 --- For a fact of respect for other's and their very consent. No Blasphemy or Profanity shall be used, at any point of circumstances. In a very simple fact, you shall understand this. If you come across someone offending you by any meanings with this type of language, report them. If you do the very same as them, you shall have grave problems.

    Summary -- No use of Foul Language.

    2 --- You shall use no sexism, no racism towards other Individuals or Members. For the very fact, if you do so. You shall be banned with no consent, and without any opinion about what ground you stand upon. Of course, if you wish to make another account to act smart, just to be advised your PC or Laptop IP adress shall be locked down, thus not allowing you to realise your other account upon this Site. So please, let's keep it all friendly.

    Summary --- No racism or Sexism allowed.

    More shall be Added upon Time. Thank you for your co-operation.]]]

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